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Unit 1  How the Newspaper Works: Practicing Roles and Skills

Lesson 1  Sections of the Paper

Lesson 2  Who Puts It Together and How?

Lesson 3  Looking Ahead

Lesson 4  Who, What, Where, When, and Why

Lesson 5  Fact or Opinion

Lesson 6  Organization

Lesson 7  The Writing Process

Lesson 8  Prewriting

Lesson 9  Writing the Draft

Lesson 10 Revising

Lesson 11 Editing

Lesson 12 Publishing

Unit 2  A Day in the Life of a Reporter: Planning, Organizing, Writing

Lesson 1  Different Kinds of Stories

Lesson 2  How Do News Stories Come to Be?

Lesson 3  A Reporterís Writing Process

Lesson 4  Using Context to Define Words

Lesson 5  Planning and Organizing a Story

Lesson 6  Writing the Lead

Lesson 7  Writing Clearly

Lesson 8  Where Do Ideas Come From?

Lesson 9  Identifying Main Ideas

Lesson 10  Identifying Local Issues

Lesson 11  Select an Issue

Lesson 12  Assignment Time

Unit 3   Newspapers in Cyberspace: Journalismís Digital Future

Lesson 1  Many Sources of Information

Lesson 2  Whatís Online?

Lesson 3  Reading Strategies: Skimming, Scanning, 
                Rereading, Note Taking

Lesson 4  Planning and Conducting an Interview

Lesson 5  Evaluating Developing Stories

Lesson 6  Attributing Information

Lesson 7  Putting It All Together

Unit 4   Let the Pictures Tell the Story: Presenting a Point of View

Lesson 1  Stories with a Purpose

Lesson 2  Whatís the Point of a Picture?

Lesson 3  Show, Donít Tell

Lesson 4  The Feature Article

Lesson 5  The Editorial

Lesson 6  Writing Persuasively

Lesson 7  Using Supporting Information

Lesson 8  Editorial Cartoons

Lesson 9  Choosing Images and Writing Captions

Lesson 10  Go to Press


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