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What is The Write Site?

The Write Site
makes the process of telling a story fun. Students take on the role of journalists— generating leads, gathering facts, and writing stories—using the tools and techniques of real-life journalists.

The Write Site, a reading and writing program with a journalism theme, is specially designed for middle school students. The Write Site’s instructional activities will improve your students’ skills while helping you integrate technology into your classroom. Working alone and as part of a news team developing their own newspapers, your students will build many of the skills they need to pass the ninth grade proficiency examinations. While you guide your students through the process of writing and editing, you will have the opportunity to use video, computer, and Internet resources as an integral part of your teaching.

Resources provided by The Write Site include four Beyond the Front Page electronic field trips, an instructional guide, a professional development video, access to The Write Site home page, and your choice of desktop publishing software.  Because of your participation in the program, your school will receive a multimedia display unit for use in the classroom.

How Do I Use The Write Site?

Before you begin, you may want to view the professional development video How to Use The Write Site. You will find this video in your box of Write Site materials. The video will give you an overview of the project, as well as specific information about word processing, desktop publishing, the Internet, and The Write Site home page.

The activities in the Instructional Guide can be used sequentially as a step-by-step lesson plan or can be reordered to meet the needs of your classroom. Many activities can stand on their own; others should be done in sequence as indicated in the lesson.

In the back of the Instructional Guide, you will find task cards and graphic organizers that accompany each unit. You will also find them here on The Write Site home page. The
task cards will guide your students’ individual and group activities. Graphic organizers will help your students organize their thoughts and plan their writing.

The Write Site Instructional Guide Table of Contents