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Unit 2

A Day in the Life of a Reporter: Planning, Organizing, Writing 


This unit offers students the opportunity to practice skills used by journalists. Through a videotape documenting a day in the life of a reporter, students discover how reporters use the writing process to plan, organize, and write news stories. Students then pursue ideas to compose their own news stories. At the end of the unit, students identify a community issue that will yield multiple stories to be researched and written in Unit 3.

Learning Objectives

Through hands-on activities completed individually or cooperatively in small groups, students will

  • analyze how reporters develop a news story
  • define words by their context and identify main ideas
  • write on an assigned topic, with attention to organization, clarity, completeness, and effective leads
  • generate workable problem-based topics for news stories


The proficiency test outcomes emphasized in Unit 2 are:

WritingóContent and Language