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Unit 3

Newspapers in Cyberspace: Journalism’s Digital Future


In this unit students explore the many sources of information available to journalists today, including the Internet. Students once again visit a city newspaper, this time to learn how new and emerging technologies are changing both how reporters and photographers gather information and how newspapers distribute information. Students then use a variety of sources to research and write their assigned stories on the community issue identified in Unit 2.

Learning Objectives

Through hands-on activities completed individually or cooperatively in small groups, students will

  • plan research for their writing assignments from Unit 2, Lesson 12
  • find information on the World Wide Web
  • prepare for and conduct an interview
  • evaluate sources
  • attribute information sources
  • carry out research on their assigned topic and write their story


The proficiency test outcomes emphasized in Unit 3 are:

Writing—Content and Language

Reading—Nonfiction and Everyday/Functional, Selection and use of appropriate reference sources and illustrative materials.